Monday, June 29, 2015

summer DIY outfit idea :))

if you have some unused things like old tshirts and so .. you can easily transform them in new piece of clothing ... how ? Let me show you what and i how i did :))

What are you going to need is:

how to do it ?
step 1. cut a line like it is shown in picture..

if you have top like i did, cut exactly on the end of black elastic material...make sure you cut it from INSIDE !!

You will get 2 separated pieces like this : 

i had a zipper in back of my top/dress so i decided to ''reverse'' front and back and got top like this

NOTE: If you have zipper you will have to sew it in so it dont open ..
(red arrows point where i sewed in mine)

step 3.  sew in elastic in skirt part like this

step 4.. (optional) if you had zipper on your old shirt/dress you can sew it in like this:


and there you go :))))
Great summer outfit :)

Hope you like this idea and if you have any questions please comment down below :))

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hello :))

Hy guys, so in this post we would like to introduce ourselves and explain you what is our blog about. Soooo..... This blog is written by two persons me (daughter) and my mom thats why it is named creative world of 2 generations :))

This blog will be all about creative ideas and DIY projects . As my mom is creative in a way of making cards and boxes, albums.... I am more of DIY person, usually anything I need ( especially when it comes to storage space ) I am trying to make it by myself instead of buying it and i also (sometimes) have really cool tips for organizing :)))

Hope you will like our blog :)))

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